JomStudi is a digital learning hub that aggregates quality educational content that is made accessible to all students especially those in the underserved areas. It is conceptualised to be a self-learning tool where students are able to learn or do revisions on their own, anytime, anywhere.
Membership for JomStudi is free. All you need to do it register for an account. However, content on our partners’ sites may incur subscription charges.
There are various different content in JomStudi. Some examples include academic syllabus, past year questions, interactive videos, and robotics. We will continuously add more content.
Students collect different badges as a reward for completing their assignments.
You can keep track your progress through the personalised dashboard, where all users will have a complete view of their progress on the different activities they are currently doing or completed.
At the moment, JomStudi is only available in Bahasa Melayu and English